All types of jewelry need a little help to safety maintain their luster and brilliance. If you store, handle, and clean with the proper care, your diamond jewelry will be in good shape to make it to eternity.

showering with jewelry on

Now about showering, there are two reasons why you shouldn't wear your ring in the shower. First, the soap can loosen the ring to where it slides down your finger and washes down the drain. Second, shampoos, shower gels, and other bathing products can cause the diamond to lose its orignal sparkle and appear cloudy.

easy cleaning at home

Cleaning your moissanite jewelry is easily done at home, just like diamonds. Simply soak your ring in warm water with mild soap and gently scrub with soft toothbrush or cloth, paying attention to clean those hard-to-reach areas. Once clean, rinse off any soap residue and dry with a lint-free cloth for a freshly sparkling jewelry.