Cut is a very important factor of the Four Cs of diamond quality. A good cut diamond has "full of life", meaning "brilliance". And let's face it, brilliance is what makes the diamond stand out, especially in the eyes of the consumer. The particular cut of a diamond is what determines its ability to handle light, which leads to brilliance.


Diamonds vary in color from colorless to slight tones of yellow. Colorless & near colorless diamonds are the most brilliant, rare, and valuable. The following scale shows the loose diamond color rating systems. D (no color) is the most expensive "color" and N through Z (very light to light yellow), is the least expensive. Beverly Diamonds Moissanite has an excellent high color grade of D-E-F which is in the colorless range.


The clarity of a diamond depends on how clear or clean it is and of course the fewer imperfections, the rarer and more valuable the diamond. These characteristics are usually referred to as inclusions and blemishes and can detract from the beauty of the diamond. The position of inclusions can affect the value of a diamond. Clarity is determined by the size, type, and position of the imperfections by using a 10x magnification. Your advantage in purchasing a Beverly Diamonds Moissanite is that it was created with sophisticated laboratory equipment and advanced technology, therefore giving you a beautiful diamond clean of any visible imperfections to the naked eye.


The word "carat" is derived from the "carob" bean, which was first used to determine the weight of a diamond. Once you've decided what cut, color, and clarity grade you're looking for in a diamond, all that is left for you to choose is what carat weight of diamond you can fit within your budget. As you may very well know the larger the diamond the higher the price per carat. This is because larger diamonds are rarer than smaller diamonds and that itself increases the value of a larger diamond.

This diagram demonstrates the various sizes of diamonds as well as on a model's hand.

YES! You have finally graduated from diamond 101 and you are ready to find the engagement ring of your dreams, go ahead, no one is stopping you.