Five Money Saving Tips for Buying Engagement Rings from Beverly Diamonds

Diamond rings need not be a costly affair if these tips, revealed by online jewelry store Beverly Diamonds, are followed.

(Beverly Hills, LA, August 29, 2017) – With all the ups and downs of dating and romance, there is one thing that hasn't changed, and that is the diamond ring. But buying a diamond ring still hurts as much as it did earlier, for it can turn out to be a truly costly affair. There are however tips and tricks that can be applied to get the best possible diamond ring at the most reasonable price, as revealed by Beverly Diamonds, the exclusive online store for jewelry and diamond sets for all occasions.

Firstly, choose the right store, whether the old neighborhood showroom, or reputable online stores like Beverly Diamonds. By comparing prices, one can see the wider picture and not be limited to what is put on the table. Online stores today offer complete information along with high-resolution 3D videos.

Another smart way to save money is to think of how size doesn't matter as much in case of diamonds. A slightly smaller stone can save a pile of money in the bank, and still make a cute impression on your chosen life partner. Diamond sizes are measured in carats, and size and pricing are indicated on all websites and stores. The other 'Cs' of diamonds, apart from carat, are color, clarity and cut. Experiment with different combinations to get the best tradeoff for impression, quality and price.

With diamond rings comes a few concepts that must be understood, and one of them is the 'setting'. By selecting a different scheme of what surrounds the big diamond, one can see difference in pricing as well. The overall impact on the looker isn't sacrificed much either, and the outcome is measurable again in some valuable amount of money.

The fourth tip that can make diamond shopping easy on the purse is to opt out of platinum and go for gold instead. This can save a huge sum of money as platinum is far costlier than gold. Besides, gold in white hues looks just as stunning.

Finally, when it comes to diamonds, very few can spot the difference between extra superior quality and good quality diamonds. The price difference however can be substantial. This money can be saved without really sacrificing on quality.

Beverly Diamonds has set another high standard for offering more value and perks to buyers. Since online buyers always look out for attractive deals, discounts and perks, Beverly Diamonds has joined hands with a new venture-backed financial technology firm to offer a 'no payment, no interest' scheme.

Beverly Diamonds was founded as an exclusive online store to offer best quality diamonds and jewelry at very affordable prices. The store is thus popular with visitors who can browse and select from a wide choice, and get the most reasonably priced diamond rings in beautiful boxes with a $50 gift card and free shipping. It all adds up to save a lot of money.

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Jewelers are Shifting their Sales Methods to Capitalize on Online Shopping: Beverly Diamonds

While traditional brick-and-mortar jewelry stores continue to sell as usual, there is no stopping their online counterparts, who wield a technological cutting edge when it comes to offering new buying experiences.

(Los Angeles, CA, August 21, 2017) – With the forces of technology overtaking most conventional industries, it is but natural to ask: whatever happened to the old-time charm of buying a diamond ring? Diamond jewelry stores have adopted e-commerce, and stores such as Beverly Diamonds now operated solely online, thanks to new and richer purchase experiences they can offer online buyers.

Every physical jewelry store today has set up some online presence. For the new generation, engagement diamond rings and jewelry are mean to be sported for looking cool, fun and part of the trend. However, as Beverly Diamonds says, there are many things that both online stores and buyers must keep in mind if this mode is to continue growing in the next decade.

It can be complicated, as diamonds and their settings require a lot of consideration before purchase. There is always the essential touch-and-feel element that buyers want before making a purchase decision. Online jewelry stores are thus offering 3D interactive videos to produce the same effect. A new jewelry buying website such as Beverly Diamonds is not merely a website, but a complete virtual store where buyers can search, browse, compare, set criteria and then check and place their order.

It's difficult to buy diamond jewelry without some expert assistance. That's where automated, and real assistants come into the picture, and buyers can chat and consult them for the best diamond buying decision. Client testimonials, secure online transactions, certifications and trust badges give a virtual jewelry store the reliability it needs before buyers decide.

Technology is now available in plenty for diamond jewelry buyers to get both the best experience and the best deal. They can custom build their ring or pendant with the help of software and get it manufactured. The store apps for smartphones offer even more convenient ways to explore and place orders. And finally, 3D printing comes in handy to create a replica or sample before finalizing a design.

Social media too is giving a boost to online jewelry sales with steep discounts. E-commerce players have traditionally enjoyed the price advantage over physical stores, with the flexibility to manage their stocks and logistics according to orders received. Digital software such as CAM also makes it possible to display a large assortment of designs, and to engage in actual manufacture only when an order is placed.

"As an exclusive online store with one of the largest collections of diamond jewelry, Beverly Diamonds has maintained focus on offering some of the finest designs at unbeatable prices. For online customers, we have an easy finance scheme, a 3D video gallery to view products, interactive browsing of the stock, and a secure online transaction platform. Our real-time assistants are also available immediately as the customers visit the site," said a manager representative from Beverly Diamonds.

New trends in online jewelry are reflected in the way customers today buy diamond jewelry online. As per surveys, the majority of them carry out online research before making a final decision, and many also rely on social media. Online stores such as Beverly Diamonds, therefore aim to provide a complete store experience with the added advantages of buying diamonds online.

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3D Videos Facilitate Faster Buying Decisions, says Online Jewelry Store, Beverly Diamonds

As an online retailer of high-end diamonds and jewelry, Beverly Diamonds uses 3D video technology to make the buying process easier and trustworthy for its customers.

(Los Angeles, CA, August 19, 2017) – E-commerce and online stores must resolve many pertinent issues of buyers to ensure that the online experience is no less conducive to making good buying decisions than visiting a brick-and-mortar store. Beverly Diamonds has realized this early on, and its 3D video technology for viewing products is one of its main offerings to online customers.

The 3D video technology scores heavily over simple, 2D photography, as it gives a 360-degree view of the product. For expensive purchases, such as engagement rings, wedding, and diamond studs, being able to see a 3D video of the product is an essential step before committing to purchase. Beverly Diamonds understands this and offers 3D videos in pristine quality, letting customers view the revolving products just as it would in real life.

"Online stores offer several advantages over physical stores, and technologies such as 3D videos have allowed us to ensure there are no shortcomings in the buying process. Our customers can get as real-life a view of the products as possible online before making a decision," said a manager representative from Beverly Diamonds.

The use of 3D videos is only one of the many offerings of Beverly Diamonds, which has earned reputation in the e-commerce industry for its success in selling high-value products such as diamond rings and jewelry, and maintaining its position for over a decade. Headquartered in the diamond district of downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Diamonds was set up in 2002 to offer a wide collection of superior diamond jewelry for all occasions at competitive prices. To stay competitive, Beverly Diamonds offers many other goodies to ensure customers receive a winning deal when they shop for diamonds online. It offers a 'no payment, no interest' finance scheme applies to all purchases above $199.

"To get buyers seriously consider buying diamond jewelry online, we aim at delivering the best possible experience and a great deal," says the representative from Beverly Diamonds. The online store is famous for its large collection of dazzling inexpensive diamond rings for engagements, earrings, pendants, wedding sets and other precious products. Buyers also get to place customized orders.

"The ring came out beautifully even more than we expected. It has an amazing twirl to it which she loves," said one recent customer reviews of Beverly Diamonds.

Success in selling diamond jewelry online has come to Beverly Diamonds only after it ensured a host of things to generate trust. It has a tradition of excellence in quality and craftsmanship, and its team includes designers, sales professionals, and gemologists. This is a winning combination for making exceptional jewelry and putting it for sale online. The prices too are kept competitive, and the products are made from finest diamonds and colored gems sourced from non-conflict regions of the world.

With 3D videos, Beverly Diamonds has maintained its track record of success in selling diamonds online. It is today one of the earliest and longest companies selling jewelry online, with a record of having sold over 25,000 engagement rings.

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Online Jewelry Store Beverly Diamonds Announces Partnership with BlisPay for Zero Interest Finance and Discounts

With the addition of the 'no payment, no interest' BlisPay finance scheme, Beverly Diamonds, one of the longest serving e-commerce platforms for diamonds and jewelry, has set another high standard for online jewelry industry in offering more value and perks to buyers.

(Los Angeles, CA, August 11, 2017)Beverly Diamonds, the reputed e-commerce company for diamond rings and jewelry, has announced that it is partnering with BlisPay, a venture-backed finance company, to offer its customers a 'no payment, no interest' scheme. The finance scheme aims to make it more lucrative to buy jewelry from Beverly Diamonds with accompanying discounts and cash back offers.

With online stores and e-commerce making strides in virtually every industry, Beverly Diamonds has maintained its leadership and reputation in the diamond and jewelry e-commerce space. Since online buyers always look out for attractive deals, discounts and perks, Beverly Diamonds has joined hands with BlisPay, a new venture-backed financial technology firm based in Baltimore, MD, to offer attractive finance schemes to its customers.

The BlisPay scheme for Beverly Diamonds customers applies for all purchases made above $199 and attracts no interest or payments if the purchase amount is paid full in six months. Interest will thus be charged (at an APR of 19.99 percent) only if the purchase balance is not paid in full in six months. The finance scheme comes with several other value additions, such as a 2 percent cash back. The scheme can be availed from a smart phone as well and becomes active within seconds. On top of that, Beverly Diamonds also offer $50 complimentary gift certificate for every product purchased.

"We always try to pass on savings to the customers. Our partnership with a good financing company like BlisPay will enable our customers to receive more advantages than ever," said Matthew, the Owner of Beverly Diamonds.

In the world of earrings, pendants, wedding sets and bands, studs, bracelets, and much more, Beverly Diamonds carries on its tradition for excellence in quality and craftsmanship. Its team comprises jewelry designers, sales associates, gemologists, and others, and together they aim to offer exceptional jewelry products and customer service. As an online store, the prices are kept competitive, and the products are made from finest diamonds and colored gems.

"We couldn't be happier with our experience with Beverly Diamonds. Both my engagement ring and wedding band are absolutely stunning, and I wouldn't be able to count how many compliments I've received on my rings!" said a recent customer of Beverly Diamonds.

As an online store operating since 2002, Beverly Diamonds has maintained excellent reviews and ratings, and keeps an active social media presence. Its success in selling diamonds and jewelry online can be attributed to a combination of high quality and affordable prices. It is thus one of the earliest and longest company selling jewelry online, having sold over 25,000 engagement rings. The company is headquartered in the historic Los Angeles Jewelry District.

The success of the online jewelry store can be attributed to another unique service offered by Beverly Diamonds - 3D videos of its engagement ring collection. Buyers of diamond rings online require complete assurance of dealing with an authentic service and product, and 3D videos assuage their concerns and reveal the ring in its splendor in as realistic a view as possible.

Beverly Diamonds has set up benchmarks for the online jewelry industry in several areas. It offers only the best quality diamonds that undergo a strict quality control checking, and each ring is delivered along with a detailed certificate of appraisal. Additionally, Beverly Diamonds adheres to the Kimberley Process, ensuring that no diamonds are sourced from conflict areas.

With the addition of the 'no payment, no interest' BlisPay finance scheme, Beverly Diamonds has set another high standard for online jewelry industry in offering more value and perks to buyers. The online store welcomes inquiries for one-on-one consultation with its experienced jewelry specialists who are always available to guide customers in the selection process and through their online purchase.

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