The Key To Picking The Right Engagement Ring

While researching diamond engagement rings, you may come across something called the 4Cs. These stand for cut, colour, clarity, and carat. Trying to figure out what each one means and what to look for may make you feel a bit overwhelmed. Don’t stress over it, though.

I am familiar with experts who have years of experience who can help you pick out the perfect diamond depending on your style and budget. These could be cheap, yet glamorous engagement rings, to absolutely massive diamonds. With that being said, if you are the type of individual who likes to dive into the information, then I will help you get through the boring stuff and right into mastering the basics.

Size Matters

Ring size matters! This is where you will want to start when looking for that perfect engagement ring. If she is already wearing rings, try to borrow one that she frequently wears. Grab a piece of paper and trace the inner circle of the ring. You can also press it to a bar of soap to get an impression. Additionally, you can put it on your own finger and draw a line where it stops. The jeweler you go to can use these measurements, no matter how silly they may be, to figure out her ring size.

I am well aware of how much anxiety and stress goes with saving up and/or financing an engagement ring. This is especially true amongst Millennials and Gen Z.


It is important to consider her lifestyle when choosing her engagement. Is she more of an outdoor person or active? If so, I suggest a cheap and elegant ring. Go for something less ornate, sturdier, and lower profile. These are less likely to get snagged or knocked on things. If she is more of a flashy, bling bling type of gal, then consider a statement ring with a higher profile and more detailing.


Rose gold engagement rings have become increasingly popular over the past few years. It was used in the late nineteenth century as a setting for jewelry, and today it is appreciated for its romantic appeal. It's also very appropriate for those who are into the vintage style. Today, yellow gold engagement rings seem to be very popular amongst people who appreciate the warm glow of the metal against colored gemstones.


If she hasn’t already dropped hints, you need to know what kind of diamond best suits her. There are many things to consider when choosing the shape of her diamond engagement ring. One thing to consider is that she will be wearing it 24/7. It will need to match everything from jeans to evening wear. If you aren't sure what kind of shape she prefers, then stick to something classic.

There are certain shapes that will go with accents in the rind more successfully than others. It is easy to pair Oval, round diamonds, and Marquise with other gems in multi-stone rings, but Pear and Heart shape may be more of a challenge.

If she prefers modern and clean lines in furniture, then she’ll probably react well to the same aesthetics in Square and Rectangular shapes like the Emerald Cut or Princess Cut. If she likes more traditional styles, then the round shape is ideal. If she is a Bohemian type of person, she may like a Trilliant or Marquise ring.