Put a Ring on it with Moissanite Gems

On the surface, you may not tell the difference between moissanite and diamond (the birthstone for April). However, taking a closer look, you will find some dissimilarities between both gemstones, including their prices. If you are considering a cost-effective but quality precious stone for your wedding or engagement ring, then moissanite is the right option. It is interesting to note that the discovery of this naturally occurring stems from a meteor crash site in Arizona; hence, earning the phrase – gemstone born from the stars.

No doubt, moissanite live up to this reputation by reflecting a radiant effect that supersedes that of diamonds. Additionally, their sturdiness makes them durable. So, when next you hear the phrase, “diamonds are forever,” remember that moissanite is not far behind.

Moissanite Cuts and Shapes

Moissanite rings have taken the jewel industry by storm. Each day, more individuals are purchasing wedding and engagement rings made from this precious stone. But what makes these crystals sparkle intensely? One factor responsible for their fiery display is the gemstone cut. Just like diamonds, moissanite stones must be cut precisely to produce the right effect.

One gem cut that produces the closest effect to a diamond is the brilliant round cut. Using this moissanite cut, jewellers can maximize the fiery light reflection of the precious stone. As such, it can take in maximum light and reflect using its “double-refraction” properties. It is essential to maintain a clean and precise cut to produce a radiant and lively outcome. You can order any of the following gemstone cut, depending on your preference:

  • Pear
  • Princess
  • Radiant
  • Heart
  • Oval
  • Emerald
  • Round
  • Marquise
  • Trilliant
  • Square

Each moissanite cut produces a different visual effect. When compared to diamond, these gemstones disperse twice more light or fire. Besides, its sturdiness makes it on par with diamond stones.

Moissanite Tints

Moissanite comes in various colours, including brown, yellow, and green. Before selecting a moissanite ring, check out the tint that suits you best. You can also get a Forever One Moissanite, which is 100% colourless and matches any colour of ring band used, including white gold. And if you are wondering if your moissanite ring will lose its colour, then there is no need to worry. Moissanite does not lose its tint. However, it is required of you to clean it once every few months. Doing so will restore its brightness. With the right clarity, cut, and colour, you can get maximum fire from your ring. Additionally, it is cheaper to afford, unlike diamonds.

Get a Moissanite Gemstone that will Last You a Lifetime

“Diamonds are forever,” they say. But moissanite does not pale in comparison as well. With a Mohs hardness scale of 9.5, gemstones of this material can withstand physical damage, ranging from scratches to cracks. You can wear it even while performing your daily tasks without worries, including cooking. Additionally, it does not lose its quality in hot areas. The key to getting the best display from your moissanite ring is matching it with an ideal metal band.