Moissanite The Budget Friendly Gemstone

Have you ever thought of getting a perfect engagement ring for your girlfriend, but have limited financial capacity to get an expensive diamond ring? Then, you may want to consider moissanite. This gemstone cost way less to purchase but comes with unique qualities that place it on par with a diamond. In 1893, Henri Moissan discovered the naturally occurring silicon carbide while examining some rock formations in Arizona. Despite its affordability, moissanites are rare to come by, making it more valuable.

Silicon carbide has a straightforward production process. It is grown in a lab to form large crystals. These minerals are then processed to produce gemstones. Charles & Colvard has the patent rights to create crystal moissanites. However, other foreign corporate entities flood the market with inferior gems through different e-commerce sites.

How Significant Is This Jewelry?

It is interesting to note that moissanite diamonds have now dominated the engagement world. Most couples favor this gemstone as it possesses most of the qualities one can find in a diamond at a cheaper cost. Moissanites even have a higher refractive index, which causes it to emit twice the brilliance of its counterpart. This stone jewel comes with several customizable options, ranging from its shape to its carat weight. Moissanite engagement rings meet most budgets.

Moissanite Qualities You Will Find Attractive

Moissanites are not the same as diamonds, even though they share some similarities. One thing stands out with moissanite: durability. Like diamonds with a Mohs hardness scale of 10, moissanite gems have a 9.5 rating and can last a lifetime. Besides, it is impervious to damages, so you do not have to worry about your jeweler damaging your gemstone, unlike other precious stones like emeralds, CZ’s, and rubies - all of which have significantly lower hardness rating. Due to moissanite’s hardness, it offers an ideal alternative for diamonds.

Moissanite “double-refraction” quality makes it sparkle more than diamond, thanks to its unique faceting pattern. When light hits a moissanite ring, it bends to form a rainbow effect known as dispersion or gemstone fire. In such scenarios, the light refracts into two, unlike the diamond with a single-refraction. Each refraction type has its supporters - some who love rainbow effects and others that prefer a diamond’s unique radiance.

What To Love About Moissanites

One thing most people love about moissanite is its clarity, brilliance, and sparkle. Moissanite engagement rings are always known to be the center of attraction in any setting. Its radiance would make it go undetected. Moissanites reflect more rainbow colors than other gemstones, including diamonds. However, it’s hot and flashy look does not make it appear way different from a Diamond.

So, if you are considering sweeping your significant other off her feet with a quality, eye-catching engagement ring, opt for moissanite rings. They are fully customizable according to shape, size, and color. These rings are also ideal for individuals that are concerned about diamond mining ethics and processes. Moissanites are grown in the lab, which makes its production process ethical. The cheapest, one-carat moissanite ring will set you back by $300 to $400 - anything way less than that is a knock-off.