Moissanite Diamonds and Their Benefits

In recent times, the demand for moissanite rings has been growing steadily - thanks to the fantastic features it shares with diamonds. Why get a $5,000 diamond ring when you can get a moissanite ring with the same quality and properties for a fraction of that amount? Moissanite is an ideal alternative to diamonds. It is budget-friendly, which means couples with tight budgets can still afford classic moissanite engagement rings. Considering these factors and many more, it becomes clear that moissanite diamond engagement rings are dominating the engagement ring scene.

What Makes Moissanite Unique

Moissanites come in various shapes, sizes, colors, cuts, and carat weights. They also have a higher refractive index, which makes them sparkle twice more than diamonds. Another area to consider is its hardness. These mineral stones have a Mohs hardness scale rating of 9.5, next to Diamond - 10. Hence, they are the perfect alternative to their counterparts. Moissanite offers customizable options to clients, ranging from the color scheme to the ring setting. Moreover, you do not need to break the bank to buy a moissanite ring of your choice.

The value of moissanite does not pale to other precious gemstones. The compound was first discovered in 1893 by Henri Moissan - a French chemist. This silicon carbide is rare to find. Hence the naturally occurring mineral can be artificially produced and marketed to meet clients’ ever-growing demands. Moissanite shares a lot of similarities with diamonds.

Moissanite’s Pricing

One feature that draws most people to moissanite is its affordable pricing. Moissanite jewelry costs a fraction of an actual diamond, taking into consideration the same quality and carat weight. You may spend $650 on one-carat moissanite, but pay an estimated sum of $5,000 on a GIA certified diamond with the same properties. Furthermore, while a three-carat oval diamond would cost you $30,000, three-carat oval moissanite would only set you back $1,500; this clearly shows the wide price gap between two gemstones of the same quality and size.

Color Scheme Options For Moissanite

Moissanite’s uniqueness is not limited to its affordability, but it is also available in various colors, including gray, yellow, and white. Do not be surprised to find out that this gem sometimes spot hints - a factor most buyers would see as a deal-breaker. However, there are non-colored gemstones that fall in the D-E-F color range. Next up is the Forever One Near Colorless with similar looks to the diamond color payoff in the G-H-I color range. At the end of the color spectrum if the Forever Classic Moissanite, which displays a yellowish hue. On the other hand, ice white gives a classic “diamond” look and feel. Near Colorless displays a warm look.

The demand for Near Colorless diamonds has increased, as people want something realistic and eye-catching, and moissanite offers just that. It is an ideal alternative to diamonds and suitable for couples under tight budgets. Nevertheless, you will the same quality, durability, and twice the brilliance diamonds offer. With the elaborate information in this guide, you can make smart decisions on what engagement ring to buy for your significant other.