Meeting Your Budget with Moissanite Gemstones

Do you want to intend to purchase an engagement ring under a strict budget? If so, then moissanite rings are your go-to accessories. They have the same radiance and quality that diamonds possess, and even more. You can surprise your significant other with a breath-taking moissanite ring without breaking the bank.

Tracing Moissanite to its Origin

Discovered in the late 1890s in Arizona, moissanite has transcended from being a naturally occurring mineral to becoming a valuable gemstone for jewel lovers across the globe. Even though this compound (silicon carbide) forms naturally in several parts of the world, it is rare to come by, and as such lab scientists grow them in the laboratory to meet high market demands. It is worth noting that Charles & Colvard have exclusive rights to manufacture moissanite gemstones and distribute to other retailers in the United States. Unfortunately, there are illegal moissanite jewellers in the industry as well. They sell moissanite “knock-offs” through various websites.

Moissanite gemstones are great alternatives to diamonds, as they have a Mohs hardness scale of 9.5, with its counterpart being 10. They can last a lifetime, without the wearer worrying about wear and tear. You can customize your moissanite ring to any shape and size, depending on your pocket size. With the Forever Brilliant® technology, you can select a more transparent option.

More Unique Properties of Moissanite

Separating moissanite from diamonds is essential towards appreciating the “real” value it offers users. It is worth noting that moissanite gems are not “fake” diamonds or replicas. They are beautiful gemstones with unique properties. Even the cheapest of moissanite stones will serve you for a lifetime. All you need is a top-quality ring band – one with any of the colours: white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. Another good quality of moissanite is that it is heat-resistant. So, even if you leave your ring with a careless jeweller, it will not sustain damage, unlike CZ’s, emeralds and rubies.

You can wear your moissanite ring every day and even perform various activities. However, its durability depends on the quality ring band used. Besides, this gemstone takes the crown when it comes to radiance and brilliance, beating even diamond and other naturally occurring gems hands down.

It’s Time to Leave a Dazzling Effect with Your Moissanite Ring

Moissanites and diamonds do not give out the same light reflection, as the former has “double-refraction” properties, while that latter possess “single-refraction” properties. With this quality, moissanite can refract light rays twice more than its counterpart. It has a different faceting pattern that produces a fiery sparkly look when exposed to light.

Moissanite rings can bend light rays to produce a broad spectrum of colours, also known as the rainbow effect. Some individuals love such a sight and as a result, prefer these jewels to diamond gemstones. On the other hand, others stick to the classic diamond jewel. However, there is no denying that moissanite draws more attention than diamond. Hence, you can make a statement from a distance without exerting much effort or emptying your wallet.