A Comprehensive Guide to Purchasing Moissanite

Moissanite, also known as Silicon Carbide (SiC), is a naturally-grown compound grown in the lab and cut into smaller gems to make jewellery pieces and LED light bulbs. Cree Inc. has the exclusive right to manufacture LED components, whereas Charles & Colvard are the only authorized Moissanite crystal producers.

What Makes Moissanite Special?

There is an unsettling misconception that Moissanites are diamond replicas or “knock-offs.” It gets worse; some people liken the gemstone to Ring Pop candy. While some couples may love a moissanite engagement ring, others may find it embarrassing. But bear in mind that these gemstones are unique in their rights and provide tons of advantages for jewel lovers. Why should you purchase a moissanite ring? First, this crystal has a sturdy texture that makes it last a lifetime for a user. It can also withstand extreme heat, unlike emerald, ruby, and CZ’s.

Insight to Lab-Grown Moissanite

Moissanites are naturally occurring compounds; this implies that they undergo natural formation in specific parts of the world. However, one downside to this precious mineral is its rarity. As a result, scientists grow these natural compounds into large crystals. Once the process is complete, they cut the crystals into minute precious stones. Notwithstanding Cree’s proprietary access to moissanite crystal production, some individuals still import counterfeit or low-quality moissanite gemstones into the United States. Most of them sell these fake stones on various websites. For this reason, you have to verify the credibility of a jeweller before purchasing any jewel item.

It is not surprising that moissanite has vast market demand. Its brilliance and radiance capture the hearts of many, as most people consider it to be an ideal alternative to diamonds. It produces a double-refraction effect when light passes through it, unlike diamonds that have single-refraction properties. The amount of light a moissanite gemstone reflects is known as “fire.” This effect stems from the gemstone’s cut. Hence, a lapidary needs to cut the stone precisely. Round-cut moissanite produces the maximum fiery light reflection. As a result, your engagement ring sparkles twice more than its diamond counterpart. Its intense radiance makes this precious stone appear differently from a diamond.

Purchasing a Moissanite Gemstone

Couples thinking of the ideal wedding ring to purchase on a budget may want to consider moissanite. This gemstone doesn’t only guarantee high-quality but also provides durability and cost-effectiveness. With an average price of $300 to $400, you can purchase a one-carat moissanite jewel – compared to a $5,000 diamond of the same carat weight. Another plus to buying this precious gem is that you do not have to worry about non-ethical factors.

When purchasing moissanite, you have to factor in the quality and size of the crystal. Other factors worth considering include the shape, carat, cut, and clarity. Some people may love to get a diamond ring on a budget. In that case, they can go for the cheaper alternative – lab-grown diamonds. These precious stones are less expensive than naturally-mined diamonds. Notwithstanding, moissanite crystals offer “real” value for money while providing a life-term use for the owner.